NextGen Marketing is a company created by technology marketing professionals to help you to do your job better, and more easily. We exist to help technology vendors and their partners grow their sales and pipeline revenues by delivering world-class marketing, demand generation and channel programs.

We constantly strive to stay at the top of our game because it motivates us to know that we are the kind of agency you want. We offer you the best quality, the minimum hassle, the maximum convenience, for a cost-effective price.

The cornerstones of our culture are integrity and quality, which we deliberately built into the company from the ground up, because we wanted to build an agency you can trust, because that’s the kind of agency we wanted when we were in your position.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Results - Clients know they can trust us to deliver results on deadline and on budget. The hallmarks of our culture are integrity, value, quality and commitment. We offer an end-to-end ‘cradle-to-grave’ service that allows you to start small, and scale up.

  • Specialist - We support technology vendors and we specialise in delivering marketing solutions. This focus gives us the edge in crafting and delivering every campaign and program for you based on tried and tested experience.

  • Quality & Integrity - A personal pledge to you. We keep each office on a human scale, so that our culture remains personal, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial.

  • Competitive Edge - A combination of the above culminate in our ability to provide world-class, innovative services, that give you a competitive advantage that you can’t get elsewhere.